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Close the gap.

On average, Aussie women earn $2 million less and retire with 47% less than men. It’s not cool.

Saving on super fees is the fastest way to close the gender retirement gap. It’s also a smart way to quickly redistribute wealth.


Passion x Purpose

Returning to Adelaide, Super Fierce Founder and CEO Trenna felt right at home when she met Moira Were. It was a collision of passion and purpose. And the rest is history - in the making.

Today Super Fierce is proud to partner with the Hen House Coop to empower South Australian women, support those in need and close the gender wealth gap.

The Ultimate Win-Win-Win

Want to make a switch and save on super fees? Super Fierce makes it easy - pay a one-time fee and handover the icky admin. It’s a triple whammy of goodness. How?

$100 is donated to Fierce Impact to Fund the GOGO Inclusive Work Program. 10% of your fee goes back into Hen House to help bridge the gender investment gap. And you're on your way to retiring with more. Now you can get back to life, basking in the glow of doing well and doing good.

Now you can get back to life, basking in the glow of doing well and doing good.

Save thousands and close the 47% gender retirement gap.

This one simple change means on average, women can retire with $100,000* more. Really! That’s a lot of margaritas on the beach in retirement.
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Sounds good right? 
This is how.

Inside your savings report

Detailed insights and personalised advice. See how much you have in super, at retirement and if you can save on fees.

Advice you can trust

Independent and unbiased. Quantitative analysis of every fund so you can see and choose what’s best for you.

Concierge Support

Want to make a change to your super? Hand over the icky admin, so you can get back to business and life.

Friendly pricing

Have less, pay less. From $0 to $1,995 it’s based on your super situation and you can pay from super or by card.

Let's switch up a brighter future.

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Switching your super to a lower cost fund could save you thousands. What’s better than that? How about helping out a sister at the same time?

We donate 100 do-good dollars to help women in need every time someone makes a switch using our Super Concierge Service and pays our one-time fee!

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Kicking goals. Doing good.

$ 25.2M

in super savings

$ 9,900

Do-Good dollars

Founder & CEO
Reformed Finance Exec
Love Warrior

Female founded.
Female owned.
Female focused.

With close to half a century on the planet, Trenna understands why finance matters and how to harness its power for good. She is deadly serious about changing the world… always in heels (or sparkly flats), a bright lip, and fabulous frock! Vivacious, bright, up with the sun and full of optimism, she is a tireless innovator and experienced entrepreneur.

Passionate about people and fluent in finance, Trenna is on a mission to empower women to take control of their financial future. Starting with their super.

Super Fierce is a social enterprise that links deep financial smarts with her heart-fuelled mission to empower Australians to age with dignity, and women to control their financial future.

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Like Margaritas?

Less money on super fees means more money for retirement. Margaritas, holidays... whatever floats your boat! You deserve it.

Experts with heart

More grey hairs than we’d like to admit, founded and run by finance nerds with decades of executive and real-world experience.

Do it your way

From Higher Growth to Ethical & Sustainable, we recommend the lowest fee funds in a range of investment options.

Your friends in super

We’re that nerdy friend who does life admin on Sunday while you’re out living it up. Leave the admin to us and get back to life.

Do well. Do good

You can enjoy your super savings knowing we donate $100 to help Aussie women in need when you pay for our super switch service.

Fierce Love, Hugs & Wine

Grab a wine and let’s talk money honey. No judgement. No dumb questions. We know super and we care about your future.

This average is an estimation of the potential impact on retirement savings from reducing superannuation fund fees. The average is based on a 41 year woman with the average superannuation balance for women, the average full time wage for women, and using 4.8%pa growth rate for a balanced fund. The savings figure is the difference between projected superannuation balances by a retirement age of 67 years of age under two scenarios: 1. using the average fee paid today and 2. using the lowest cost fund in the market today. This results in a difference of $157,000, which reduced by average market inflation forecasts of 1.7%pa, results in slightly more than $101,000. This is a model-produced estimate, not a prediction. This model cannot accurately predict savings due to unpredictable market returns, inflation, wage growth and changes to tax and superannuation legislation. Do not rely solely on this estimation to make decisions about your own retirement, as there will be other factors to take into account. Consider your own investment objectives, financial situation and needs. You may wish to get advice from a licensed financial adviser.